I am a graduate of The Pilates Center in Boulder CO (2005) and grateful to have studied with such luminaries as Amy Alpers, Rachel Segel, Debora Kolwey and Kim Haroche.  They instilled a deep appreciation for the genius and mission of Joseph and Clara Pilates.  I continue to further my training and understanding by studying with my mentor Matilda Christensen, taking yearly workshops, reading from a variety of body disciplines and my own daily Pilates practice.  My greatest inspiration are my students.  As their teacher, I am committed to using Pilates to aid them in enjoying their rich and varied lives to the fullest.  I honour their commitment to Pilates by constantly bettering myself.

I have been been practicing Pilates for over a decade now.  As I tune into my workout my day slows and my breath deepens, my mind focuses and my body opens, and at the end my mood elevates.  I am always guaranteed to feel better after my workout.  With both feet now firmly planted in middle age, I am more thankful to Pilates than ever for keeping me healthy and happy.

What others have to say...

Pat has given me countless valuable insights, suggestions and tips to help me manage my particular body aches.    Thanks to Pat, I feel better both physically and mentally.   I so appreciate what he has done for me and consider myself very fortunate to have him as my instructor. - Bev L.

I have found the emphasis on core and hip flexibility invaluable.  I no longer have any sciatic pain while hiking.  My back feels stronger and my gut harder.  I can continue on with my activities and those include heavy lifting and much bending.  I feel younger at 71 than I did at 68.  I thank Pilates and Patrick for that. - Eva W.

After taking Patrick's classes for four years, I still find that I get a fresh perspective on the exercises every time, due to his vivid and precise instructions.  He brings new knowledge to each class, and is always clear and encouraging, helping us along with his sense of humour which creates a lighthearted atmosphere as we all strive to reach perfection!  - Susan C.

My experience with Patrick and Pilates is summed up in one word: PASSION. - Lynn F.

I have been a professional dancer for forty years and have had many teachers of many techniques during that time, but Patrick stands out.  He is passionate, compassionate and able to offer new ways of perceiving one's own deep patterns.  Fear of old injury and limitation falls away. Strength, balance, and integrity of motion are within reach.  We are so lucky to get to study with him. - Sarah C.

I can't tell you enough how much Pilates has changed my life.  I feel more in charge of my body that ever before.  Your understanding of the body and your brilliant presentation have made it easy for me to trust you and to keep testing my edge. - Linda L.